Canadian WWII heroes

Canadian WWII heroes

Every year in November the Canadian gather and remember their WWII heroes that fought gallantly and protected the Western Civilization. At the start of the war, Canada was very reluctant to take part in it but when it knocked the doors of its neighboring USA the nation did not have much choice. It all began in September 1939 when Germany invaded and captured Poland. They not only executed Polish soldiers but also committed horrible war crimes as per the Western Media of that time. This was the deciding factor which made sure that the Canadian action is inevitable in WWII. Canadians made sure that they fight gallantly and this leads to casualties on both sides. The worse action for the Canadian troops was the Dieppe Raid in which almost 1000 Canadian troops were killed in action. The WWII heroes are still remembered for their bravery and they also made sure that the boundaries of the country are protected.

Ernest “Smokey” Smith

Ernest “Smokey” SmithThough he had issues with the army in the beginning still he made it to the corporal. He was demoted 9 times and this led to further problems in his career. He never gave up hope and joined the Canadian war action in WWII. In 1944 the Canadian troops were sent to Northern Italy to secure island from the Germans and he was a part of this. Once the beachhead was captured he came under heavy firing and with wounded comrades he single-handedly took out two Panther Tanks of the enemy and killed their 6 infantrymen. This forced the Germans to retreat and the beachhead hold was further strengthened. He took out the wounded comrades from the battle area and also made sure that the troops further advance to safety and security.

Leo Major

He is still regarded as one of the bravest Canadian soldiers of WWII. He had several combats with the enemy and he was proved to be successful in this regard. He captured Nazi armored vehicle and lost his eye in a fight. The doctors advised him to return but he refused straightaway. He reportedly said to one of his doctors that he does not need two eyes to aim. He captured and brought to the enemy lines about 100 German soldiers which he captured in a single raid. He also killed their commander and made sure that they all surrender. He also saved many civilians from allied and German bombardment.

Tommy Prince

Tommy PrinceThe best part of this soldier is the fact that he was aboriginal and made sure that the allied suffer massively during the WWII. He joined the army when the aboriginals were discriminated by the Canadians in general. In 1944 he set up and observation post just about 200 meters from the German artillery posts. It was due to his intelligence that 4 German posts were obliterated completely. He walked into the enemy lines several times and located his targets. He killed all those he could and which were out of his range was reported to the basecamps and they were taken out by airstrikes.