Some facts about Canadian WWII

Some facts about Canadians in WWII

About 44,000 Canadians lost their lives during the WWII and it is regarded among the largest casualties which any allied nation has faced. About 1.1 million Canadians served in all branches of the armed forces and led Canada to victory. The German invasion of Poland was the turning point for Canada during the WWII. It all began in September 1939 and continued till 1945. Besides taking an active part in the actions the Canadian armed forces also made sure that state of the art training is given to the allied pilots and troops. Canada also faced many political, cultural and economic setbacks as a result. The conscription crisis of 1945 was the worst of all. Apart from all the problems the WWII itself was a great issue which killed over 60 million people at the time. It is still regarded as the worse armed conflict among different nations of the world. (more…)

The Canadians in the Battle of Normandy

The Canadians in the Battle of Normandy

The most important term which many of us are not familiar with is the D Day. It is one of the most important days in the WWII. The history of this day is very interesting and therefore it must be understood. While planning a military operation by the allies the exact day of the attack was never known. The term D Day was then coined in this regard to specify the day of the attack. The term was used by the allies to advance and plan many ops. However the D Day today refers to the Allied invasion of Normandy France where undoubtedly one of the fiercest battles was fought. The invasion took place on June 6th, 1944. (more…)

What role did Canada play in the WWII

What role did Canada play in the WWII?

Canada entered the WWII on its own free will and there were no pacts with any other nation that was already engaged. Neither America nor its allies asked the Canadian generals for help. The main aspect of the involvement of Canada is very interesting. Though some people deem that Canada was a pro-Jew state but actually it was not the case. Canada entered the WWII just to save the Western Civilization. The government of Canada at that time was of the view that Nazi Germany is a great threat to the Western Civilization. In September 1939 Canada officially entered the WWII and began deploying the troops on multiple fronts. (more…)