Major WWII memorials in Canada

Major WWII memorials in Canada

Canada has taken the active part in WWII and has lost 40,000+ lives to secure the world from the atrocities of Nazi Germany. It is an incident that has changed the course of the history of Canada. The soldiers that have lost their lives in the action earned Canada to govern the laws and rules of the country as they want. The best part of the action is that the loss of Canadian lives never went in vain. The allied forces captured the most important posts of the Germans and the Canadian soldiers also made sure that they work in their individual capacities to get make the Germans retreat. Several Canadian soldiers fought gallantly to take back the occupied territory from the Germans. Memorials are constructed all over Europe and Canada in remembrance of these soldiers. Each memorial is of historical importance and makes sure that people from all over the world visit and tourism are fostered.

Monument des Braves, Shawinigan

Monument des Braves, ShawiniganLocated in Quebec it is one of the most visited WWII memorials in Canada. It consists of a stone obelisk which is about 35 foot tall. It has a soldier helmet at the top and there are 2 sides of the monument one facing north and the other facing south. On the south side the names of the soldiers that died in WWI can be seen and on the opposite side, the names of WWII soldiers that died for their country can be seen. Every year on the Remembrance Day veterans and current soldiers of 62nd Shawinigan Field Artillery Regiment pay tribute to those who fought for their country. The families of the martyrs of the WWI and WWII also pay tribute to their loved ones.

Ottawa Memorial

It can be regarded as one of the most important memorials when it comes to WWII. The Royal Canadian Airforce served with the allies to make sure that the Germans suffer massive blows but it came with a cost. About 800 men and women serving the country either disappeared or were killed and their bodies were never recovered. The Ottawa memorial in Ontario makes sure that those men and women are remembered on the Remembrance Day. Both offensive and defensive capabilities were shown by the Royal Canadian Airforce. The memorial also remembers the air personnel who fought gallantly in the line of fire. The memorial was unveiled on July 1, 1959. It is one of the best tourist spots of the province. Millions from all over the world visit this place each year.

Juno Beach/Beny-sur-mer Cemetery

Juno Beach/Beny-sur-mer CemeteryThe Juno Beach is the most important WWII memorial. This also commemorates the Canadian involvement in the Battle of Normandy which was ultimately won by the allies. The Canadian forces fought bravely and made sure that the beachhead is captured. It was this capture that leads to the further waves of allied forces into France. The Canadian paratroopers played a very important role and Canadian intelligence gathered vital information before the action. This memorial remembers the Canadians that lost their lives during the Juno Beach capture.