Some facts about Canadians in WWII

Some facts about Canadian WWII

About 44,000 Canadians lost their lives during the WWII and it is regarded among the largest casualties which any allied nation has faced. About 1.1 million Canadians served in all branches of the armed forces and led Canada to victory. The German invasion of Poland was the turning point for Canada during the WWII. It all began in September 1939 and continued till 1945. Besides taking an active part in the actions the Canadian armed forces also made sure that state of the art training is given to the allied pilots and troops. Canada also faced many political, cultural and economic setbacks as a result. The conscription crisis of 1945 was the worst of all. Apart from all the problems the WWII itself was a great issue which killed over 60 million people at the time. It is still regarded as the worse armed conflict among different nations of the world.

First engagement

Canada officially decided to enter the WWII when the Germans invaded Poland in September 1939. The engagements were not intense and no massive action took place. The first major engagement of the country in WWII is not with the Germans. The Canadian forces took an active part in the battle of Hong Kong and it was against the Japs. The American and the allied presence in the Asia Pacific region were not deemed to be good by the Japs and allies. They engaged the troops by series of attacks in the region. This laid foundation of the battle of Hong Kong in which about 2000 Canadian forces took part and fought bravely with the superior forces. They were overrun and taken war prisoners by the Japs.

The Devil’s Brigade

This unit was founded in 1942 i.e. during the WWII. It comprised of top-notch Canadian and American Special Forces troops. The total number of this squad was 1800 and it undertook daring missions on behalf of the allied forces. From France to Italy and from Japan to Germany this squad was nicknamed as a death squad. They killed 25 enemy soldiers for every man of the unit that was killed in action. For every capture, they captured about 250 enemy soldiers. This squad was one of the best units and laid the foundation of Canadian Special Operations Regiment and US Navy Seals. The brigade was dismantled after the WWII but the traits of the soldiers are still taught to the elite forces of the armies all over the world.

The Dieppe Raid 1942

The Dieppe Raid 1942

To get success for the future invasion it was necessary that experiments are carried out. In 1942 about 6500 allied soldiers landed on the coast of Dieppe out of which 5000 were Canadians. The Canadians suffered heavy causalities and had to retreat. 2210 managed to flee the area and 916 were killed. All Rest was made war prisoners and was taken by the Nazis. The Canadian sacrifice is still known to have laid the foundation of the D Day victory which ultimately led to the liberation of Paris once the Battle of Normandy was over.