The Canadians in the Battle of Normandy

The most important term which many of us are not familiar with is the D Day. It is one of the most important days in the WWII. The history of this day is very interesting and therefore it must be understood. While planning a military operation by the allies the exact day of the attack was never known. The term D Day was then coined in this regard to specify the day of the attack. The term was used by the allies to advance and plan many ops. However the D Day today refers to the Allied invasion of Normandy France where undoubtedly one of the fiercest battles was fought. The invasion took place on June 6th, 1944.

Planning of the D Day

The allies were facing many problems as the WWII was prolonged against their wishes. For the last 4 years, Germany has occupied France and it was the main obstacle which the allies had to cross to enter Germany. The other problem was the fact that the German forces were battle hardened and on the other hand, the allied troops were fond of strategizing only. The German intelligence was very much into the allied countries and was sending important reports to Nazis. They knew that an attack was coming but were not aware of the exact point. The allies mainly USA, Canada, and the UK decided to capture the Juno beach. Canada also took part with a battalion of paratroopers and collected important ground intelligence. It was the element of surprise which was the main weapon of the allied forces.

Canadian Causalities on D Day

The total causalities which the allied forces suffered on D Day were about 10,000. 1074 Canadians were also killed out of which 359 died in action. The Canadian paratroopers also landed in the areas which were flooded by Germans and were captured and killed. The worse part of this battle was the fact that the allied troops and German crossfire also killed many French civilians. The first attack only captured the beachhead and was of vital importance. It also allowed the allied forces to waves of troops which will ultimately overcome the Juno beach. The tanks, supplies, and artillery were also sent to the beach which would prove to be of vital importance in future. Some soldiers were not used to the weather and some Canadians also died of this. The Canadians advanced to make sure that the best troops are faced and they made it till the end.

Ultimate Victory

Many Canadians were young and were new to the battlefield. However, their inexperience did not hinder them from capturing the short line posts. The village of Creully was captured by the Canadian paratroopers and it made sure that the best and the most advanced forces are given complete freedom to move and search the area. The young Canadian troops also made sure that the Falaise Gap is closed and this led to the German retreat in 1944. In August 1944 Paris was liberated and the campaign of Normandy officially came to an end.