What role did Canada play in the WWII?

What role did Canada play in the WWII

Canada entered the WWII on its own free will and there were no pacts with any other nation that was already engaged. Neither America nor its allies asked the Canadian generals for help. The main aspect of the involvement of Canada is very interesting. Though some people deem that Canada was a pro-Jew state but actually it was not the case. Canada entered the WWII just to save the Western Civilization. The government of Canada at that time was of the view that Nazi Germany is a great threat to the Western Civilization. In September 1939 Canada officially entered the WWII and began deploying the troops on multiple fronts.

The general war contributions were made and in this regard, it is important to note that the Canadian troops fought gallantly. The most important part of the Canadian defense was the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. It was devised by the UK to make sure that the airspace of Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand is protected from enemy hostilities. The Royal Canadian Airforce took command of the program and made sure that the airstrikes from the enemy are countered effectively. During WWII $1.5 billion was spent on the air defense of Canada.

Role of Royal Canadian Airforce

The first thing that is to be noted in this regard is that the efforts of the Canadian Airforce were very little in this regard. At the time of WWII, the total number of air personnel was about 200,000. This included all the ground crew personnel and the Canadian Airforce officers that were deployed in other countries. It is also important to note that the efforts which were made by the Canadian Airforce were very little as compared to the USA and other allies. Further, the role of the Canadian Airforce was just confined to the airspace of Canada.

Role of Canadian Navy

In 1939 the Canadian Navy started from scratch and grew into 700 states of the art ships of the time. There were 95,000 people worked on these ships and they played a vital role in protecting the Canadian waterways. Like the foot soldiers, the Canadian Navy also fought very bravely. The most important part that changed the course of the Canadian involvement in WWII was the rescue at the Dunkirk. In North Atlantic, the Canadian Navy wiped out the allied crews completely by 1944.

Role of Canadian Army

Role of Canadian Army

At the time of WWII, the total number of soldiers in the Canadian Army was about half a million. It also included the overseas deployment and the work which was being done within the country. Though the army was struck with heavy blows during the WWII still they made sure that the boundaries of the country are defended. The disaster of Dieppe was a massive blow and this also lead to the full-scale war engagement of the country. When the Japanese struck the Pearl Harbor Canada declared its involvement a day after the USA did. The Canadian troops took the active part in the war with the USA from that point.